São José do Rio Claro

At the same scenery where the largest deforestation happened, the interesection of two of the richest biomes in Brazil propitiates great surprises with the conservation of habitats that, having preserved its water and forests, shelters rare of the species of birds among other diversified flora and fauna species.

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AGD_Amazon Garden

300km from Cuiabá, on the water divisor;
Only protected forest area in the middle of agriculture land;
07 bedrooms with private toilet, ceiling fan and AC;
Rare birds, fish breeding and a mineral water spring and pool.


Swallow Tanager; Point-tailed Palmcreeper; Masked Tanager; Red-necked Aracari; Blue-gray Tanager; Agouti Paca; Brown Capuchin Monkey.
Back-girdled Barbet; Cryptic Forest-falcon ; Amazonian Umbrellabird ; Gould´s Toucanet; Black Spider Monkey; Brazilian Tapir; Monk Saki.

Cone-billed Tanager.


In the centre of the new agricultural frontier of Brazil, a rare protected area of dense forest shelters a water spring that sheds per second 500 liters of mineral water and offers the spectacle of the ‘burning water’ in the middle of a vegetation that accounts with the species like Rubber Tree, Jatobá, Pequia and Angelim Pedra.

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Terrestrial Safari
The access to the lodge is easily done all year around, with 290km of asphalt and only 30km of dirty road since Cuiabá.

Boat Tour
Honoring its name, the Claro river has a very clear water that permits the observation ofmany fishes, including the Peacock bass nesting on the trunks at the river bottoms.

Horse Riding
There is a wagon pulled by a donkey which is ideal for kids.

In a scenario of intersection between the Savannah and the Amazon, varied species of animals and plants can be observed along its many trails on varied environments.

Observation Towers
It is substituted by the panoramic view of some privileged points.