Serra das Araras

At the same scenery where the largest deforestation happened, the interesection of two of the richest biomes in Brazil propitiates great surprises with the conservation of habitats that, having preserved its water and forests, shelters the biggest of the eagles in the World among other diversified flora and fauna species.

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CUR_Currupira d'Araras

130km from Cuiabá - its nearest Amazon portion;
Dense protected forest;
Connected to the Ecological Station;
Nests of the Harpy-eagle each two years.


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Harpy Eagle.


Like an ‘invasion’ of the Amazon rain forest into the Savannah, Serra das Araras visited is connected to a State Park that protects part of the geological formation of the Pantanal and is the refuge of the endangered Harpy Eagle – the largest one in the World.
Terrestrial Safari
Just 130 km far from Cuiabá with only 10km of dirty road permits access all year around.

Boat Tour
Not offered.

Horse Riding
One of the most important Pantanal horse breeders would be proud of offering them as an optional activity for the adepts.

Some of the trails take visitor to see the each two year nest of the Harpy Eagle – the largest in the World.

Observation Towers
It is substituted by the panoramic view of some privileged points.