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On its dynamic cycles of Flooding and Dry Season, the Pantanal presents diversified interests through its different environments of flooding fields and gallery forests that defines it in Low & High, atracting large variety of animals that or look for water or for a shelter of it.

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Transpantaneira, km 10 + 03 private access; 20 bedrooms_c.fan; a/c; mini-bar; TV; s.pool; Large flooding fields, mound-hills, lake, river, creek; Walking, horse riding, cayak and boat trip, tower.

Pouso Alegre
Transpantaneira, km 36 + 07 private access 14 bedrooms a/c Large flooding fields, mound-hills, dense forests; creek Walking, horse riding. Boat trip & tower at neighbor ranch

Mato Grosso Pantanal Hotel
Transpantaneira, km 40 + 02 private access; 20 bedrooms_ AC; Swimming pool; Dense and Gallery forests, Claro river banks; Walking, Horse riding, Motor and Paddling Boat trips.

Rio Claro
Transpantaneira, km 40 + 02 private access 20 bedrooms_a/c; s.pool Small land on Claro river banks Motor boat trip

Dynamic Low

Abundant Low

Storks nesting; Greater Rhea; Ibises; Herons; Toucans; Jacanas; Monkeys; Capybaras; Caimans; Ducks; Deers; Hawks; Cardinals; Foxes.


Fishes and shrimps on the fields at wet season; Hyacinthine Macaws on the palm trees; Birds colony.


Zigzag Heron; Great Potoo.
Dynamic High

Abundant Low

Cormorants; Anhinga; King-fishers; Herons; Storks eating; Caimans; Capybaras; Hawks; Foxes; Cardinals; Deers.


Great Potoo; Tapirs on the dense forests; Giant-Otters on the river; Tinamou.


Agami-heron and Red billed Scythebill; Manakin; Ant bird.
Flora_Dynamic Low
DYNAMIC low: Flooding fields that are covered by the water of the ‘vazantes’, with grass in the dry and aquatic plants with blossoming at the wet season. Lakes with papyrus – water shed.
Flora_Dynamic High
DYNAMIC high: Savannah with medium sized trees, some cactus & bromeliads with blossoming at the dry season and fruits at the beginning of the wet season; dense (cordilheiras) and gallery forest along creeks and rivers;

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Terrestrial Safari
The access to the Low Pantanal at the Wet Season is so easy as for the High Pantanal at the Dry Season. Once at the lodges that have huge areas, some tours are made by car or open vehicles.

Boat Tour
At the Low Pantanal is done a motor boat trip at a lake connected to a river; a paddling boat trip in a river or a cayak through the flooded fields if weather permits. At the High Pantanal there is done a paddling or motor boat trip on a river, with exchanges of environments.

Horse Riding
At the Low Pantanal, the flooding fields are crossed by horses, which are the most versatile way of transportation to reach the mound-hills that congregate a riche wildlife. At the High Pantanal, it is done through the Savannah and dense forests.

Once reached by horse, boat or vehicle, the many trails are visited by a silent walk that permits a good approach to the animals.

Observation Towers
At about 12 or 15 m, there is a gorgeous view of the fields (at the Low Pantanal) or of the forests (if at the High Pantanal)