Jaguar Seeking


Offers the encounter to the third largest cat in the World. Following its tracks on land when hunting at the begining and end of the night, or on the river banks when resting in the middle of the day, there are multiplied chances to photograph the top of the Americas food-chain.

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Porto Jofre Jaguar Camp
Cuiabá river (Porto Jofre);
03 houses with 02 Bedrooms each_ceiling fan;
Camping area, restaurant, parking, rental houses;
Motor boats.

Jaguar Reserve
Transpantaneira, km 110 + no private access;
12 04 VIP rooms_a/c;
Little dense forest;
Walking, Terrestrial & Night safaris, boat trips.

Piquiri river banks (Porto Jofre + 1h boat);
05 bedrooms_AC;
Beautiful dense forest with varied fauna;
Walking, boat trips. Inside Meeting Waters park.

Porto Jofre Hotel
Transpantaneira, km 145 at Cuiabá river banks;
28 bedrooms_ a/c, mini-bar, TV, s.pool, internet;
Roads' end, air strip for small sized aircrafts;
Little walking, boat trips.

Cormorants; Anhinga; King-fishers; Herons; Storks eating; Caimans; Capybaras; Hawks; Foxes; Cardinals.
Giant-otters; Jaguar; Hyacinthine Macaws.
Cougars and Ocelots if guested on the Jofre Fields.


Large fields are the habitat during the evening/ early morning for eating and river banks at the warmest hours of the day for relaxing.

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Terrestrial Safari
If guest at the Campo do Jofre region, there is an everyday terrestrial safari until Porto Jofre, preferably by an open 4WD Jeep with comfortable seats, that offers a wide view of the region.

Boat Tour
Jaguars are seeking along the rivers Cuiabá, São Lourenço, Piquiri and Three Brothers that are navigated with boats equipped with radio-communication what helps to guarantee its observation.

Horse Riding
This activity is not offered on this tour.

Small walks are offered if guest in Porto Jofre or in Campo do Jofre, but not on boat-hotels.

Observation Towers
This activity is not offered on this tour.