Pantanal Premium


If comfort is a matter, this is found in all the different Pantanal, since the Aquatic Barão de Melgaço to the terrestrial Transpantaneira until the terrestrial and aquatic region of the meeting of Cuiabá to the Paraguay river, all in spectacular locations with amazing landscapes that are the home of a large variety of animals, including the king of the food-chain, the Jaguar.

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  • fauna
  • vegetação
  • pacotes
  • trekking
Mutum Lodge
Mimoso region - 128km from Cuiabá;
22 bedrooms + 05 chalets connected rooms_a/c, verandah,swimming pool
Mutum river banks - Cuiaba river tributary;
Motor boats, horse riding, community and rural visits.

Ilha do caracará Lodge
Cuiabá river (Porto Jofre + 1h boat). 800m air strip;
20 elegant bedrooms_a/c, mini-bar, verandah and garden;
Half-way Meeting of Waters/ Pantanal National Parks;
Motor boats, walks, community visits, Jaguar seeking.

Araras Lodge
Transpantaneira, km 30 + 100m private access;
22 bedrooms_a/c, verandah;
Savannah and gallery forests, river;
Cayak, paddling boat trips, walks, horse riding, towers.

Abundant Low
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Aquatic: where the lowland receives the pressure of mountains, huge lakes with low gallery forests and many palm-trees announcing the large humidity of the area that include a clear water river.
Terrestrial: at the heart of the Savannah with typical dry vegetation with some dense forests (‘cordilheiras’) and gallery forests following small Streams formed by a short cut of the waters flowing out of the Cuiabá to the Paraguay rivers.

Aerial: at a middle distance between the majestic rivers Cuiabá and Paraguay, dense gallery forests and the meeting of a unique vegetation of mountainous area to the wetland vegetation.
Terrestrial Safari
The Premium Aerial can be done by land + water. In this case, the whole extension (145km) of Transpantaneira is travelled with patience to observe the many examples of fauna & flora along the Park-road. The Premium Aquatic offers terrestrial safari to visit neighbor ranches and its more ‘inland’ areas. At the Premium Terrestrial basically all the activities are done by a vehicle that reaches the rivers and the fields.

Boat Tour
At the Premium Aerial the rivers Cuiabá and Paraguay are navigated on comfortable boats along the area of the majestic National Park. The Jaguar seeking can also be done since this destination. At the Premium Aquatic mostly of the excursions are done in comfortable boats along the Cuiabá river and the beautiful lakes Siá Mariana and Chacororé. At the Premium Terrestrial small rivers and creeks are navigated by silent paddling boat trips.

Horse Riding
At the Premium Aerial this activity is not offered. At the Premium Aquatic some neighbor ranches are visited where the horse riding are done. At the Premium Terrestrial the horse is the most versatile way of transportation as it crosses all the varied environments.

At the Premium Aerial some walks are done through the dense gallery forests. At the Premium Aquatic there are few trails through low gallery bushes. At the Premium Terrestrial many trails through varied environments offer an intimate view of the region.

Observation Towers
This activity is not offered on this tour.