Pantanal Remote


The lowest land slopes in the lowland (with an isolated hill), remains green even in the climax of the dry season - what attracts rare animals, as well as a large birds colony together with the most authentic way-of-life and culture on an isolated word that just few people have chance to visit.

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Boqueirão road, 45km dirty + 25km off-road;
09 bedrooms_a/c;
Huge & isolated area, hills by Paraguayzinho river;
Walking, horse riding, paddling boat trip.

São Cristóvão
Transpantaneira, km 40 + 22 off-road;
08 bedrooms_ceiling fan;
Large flooding fields on Bento Gomes river banks;
Walking, horse riding, paddling boat trip.
Coati Mundi; White-lipped Peccary; Storks; Herons; Monkeys; Toucans; Bare-faced Curassow; Cardinals; Caimans; Capybaras; King-fishers; Ducks; Hawks; Foxes; Deers.
Tapirs; Armadillos; Anteater (Lesser and Giant); Brazilian and Giant-Otters; Red-legged Seriema; Hyacinthine Macaws; Owls; Sunbittern; Birds colony.
Manned-Wolff; Jaguarandi; Jaguar; Ocelot; Black-capped Parakeet.


Savannah dry vegetation on the high area (that includes an unexpected hill on the lowlands or the only 10km of navigation on a river); large dense forests with various species of woods and fruits; palm-trees (including an unique palm-tree with trunk) and flooding fields.

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Terrestrial Safari
Just accessed on the climax of the dry season, the Remote Pantanal is reached after crossing a 45 km on dirty road plus 25km of an off-road that, in the mostly times in the year, demand a 4WD Jeep vehicle, to win the obstacles of mud or sand of the wet or dry seasons.

Boat Tour
On untouched rivers that are the only water source in a diameter of about 45km, never a motor boat has navigated, what guarantees this as the activity with largest chances to see rare animals that include Tapirs and Jaguars.

Horse Riding
In immense and isolated areas, the horse is the most versatile way of transportation through regions not trespassed by canoe or by feet, reaching remote areas that include a non expected hill in the middle of the lowland.

The variety of environments, that include dense and gallery forests; mound-hills; open fields; high savannah; palm-tree regions, walking there is the way to approach better and have great wildlife photos, also of one of the largest birds colonies in the whole region.

Observation Towers
At the Remote I lodge, at the top of the hill (54m) there is a 16m tower, which totalizes the highest view from the Pantanal region as possible.