Chapada dos Guimarães


A large savannah covers the Brazilian Central Plateau, with rock formations from various geological era that illustrate the diverse moments lived by this water divisor (Amazon, Silver and Araguaia river Basins). At a middle distance between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the region presents many archaeological sites in between wonderful waterfalls and caves, in mystic scenario and unforgettable landscapes.

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Town, near by bus station
08 bedrooms_a/c
Simple Breakfast, large rooms

Town, between bus station and centre
30 bedrooms a/c s.pool
Large Breakfast, efficient service

2,5 km from the centre, on the cliffs
50 bedrooms a/c pools, verandah
Large breakfast, panoramic views
Mini-resort for conventions and families

SOL_Solar do inglês
800km from the centre
08 bedrooms a/c pool
Town's oldest building
Charming atmosphere, 5pm tea

Humming-birds; Teenagers

Trogon; Aplomado Falcon;
Red and Blue Macaw


Testimony of the geological formation of the continent, the largest collection of emergent rocks in the World is the head of water of the main waters that supply the Pantanal. At the top of the Plateau (+-900m altitude), low and dry trees contrasts with the high trees of the dense forests on the river valleys, where is the influence of the Amazon and Atlantic rain forests.

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Terrestrial Safari
     The lodge is reached by boat which is taken on a port on the Teles Pires river, located at 45km of the town of Alta Floresta and this journey is done in about 1h30m by 4WD comfortable pick-ups.

Boat Tour
After crossing the ‘meeting of waters’ of the muddy Teles Pires to the dark Cristalino, mostly of the excursions are done by boat that reaches the many trails. There are motorized and also paddling boats, as well as cayaks.

Horse Riding
This activity is not offered on this tour.

A total of 5.000km of trails make this one of the richest destinations for walks in the entire Brazilian Amazon, with very varied vegetation where many animals can be seen.

Observation Towers
Simply the tallest metal canopy tower in the Amazon, with 50m, which reaches the double of the majority of the trees high and permit an amazing view of the Rain Forest with many forms and sounds.