at the heads of the Gran-Pantanal and watersheds of the Araguaia river, one of the largest national parks in Brazil protects an unique area of open fields where rare animals (Manned Wolves, Anteaters, Pumas) have a shelter in the middle of a strong agriculture activity.

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Greater Rhea; Red-legged Seriema; Egrets; Deers; Capybaras; Howler Monkey.
Foxes; Tapir; Giant Anteater; Giant Armadillo; Termites with Bio-luminescence.



World Heritage and one of the biggest and most important NP in the Brazilian Savannah, protects large areas of open fields with few grottos where the important Pantanal Taquari river is born surrounded by a strong soybeans plantation.
Terrestrial Safari
Many trails cross the park from its two entrances (North and South). Doing a series of about 5 of them it would offer a large comprehension of the varied micro environments and rich wildlife present on this little piece of conserved area that is a refuge for all of them.

Boat Tour
Small rivers can be navigated by a inflatable boats under request.

Horse Riding
If guest in a ranch-hotel style, the horse riding is done through the savannah.

The many trails of Emas NP could be reached by vehicles but are better explored by feet, which permits a close approaching to its rich wildlife.

Observation Towers
One of the oldest building of the park is a tower that permits, from its 18 m top, the observation of the many different formations of the rich Savannah vegetation.