At a half-way bettween the Plateau and the Lowland, already visited since pre-history by the men on his trekking crossing the continent through its water-sheds, this mountainous region shelters spring of mineral and thermal waters that, together with its rapids, are the scenery for many adventures.

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At 400m of altitude, integrating the São Vicente hills (and its many caves with 5.000 year old paintings), this area of the Savannah with influence of the Atlantic rain forest shelters innumerous heads of mineral and thermal waters that flown down via waterfalls and rapids to the Pantanal wetland.
Terrestrial Safari
A short journey of about 25 km is done from the town to the Tenente Amraral river valley where there are the main waterfalls and rapids for the practice of abseiling and rafting.

An incredible succession of small falls that go on an increasing level of difficulties permit to the most amateur to the most professional rafting practice with guaranteed adrenaline.

Horse Riding
If guest in some ranch, this activity is done.

From one to the other waterfalls, a soft walking is done.
Observation Towers

It is substituted by the panoramic view of some privileged points.